The I Am Technique

Introducing The I AM Technique!

Children 6-10

Children 6-10

Price $199.00. I am smart, I am safe, I am happy, I have good friends,...
Young Teen 11-15

Young Teen 11-15

Price $199.00. I am great, everything always works out for me, I succeed,...
Teen/Young Adult 16-20

Teen/Young Adult 16-20

Price $199.00. I move forward with confidence and ease, I have everything...
Life Confidence Accelerator 20+

Life Confidence Accelerator 20+

Price $199.00. My amazing life is happy, healthy, wealthy and safe, I...

“When you hear or say an affirmation for 10 minutes, you literally start changing on a cellular level. You’re subconscious records it as fact and you create change.”
Susan Lustenberger

What is The I AM Technique?

The I Am Technique is a 10 minute a day audio restoring program with a four layer approach to building and restoring confidence and self- esteem in your child. Each track starts out with age appropriate music, and laid over the music are positive affirmations that apply to each age group. Laid under the sound tracks, which you cannot hear, are two additional tracks: a subliminal track of positive loving affirmations (e.g. “I am safe, I am significant, I make a difference in the world”) and binaural beat music for the subconscious that supports and fosters happiness, wellbeing and deep relaxation.

What is included?

The technique is broken down into two audios, one upbeat to engage the child in the morning while brushing teeth, or after school while doing homework or working out. The second is set to serene atmospheric music to which your child can fall asleep. The guided visualizations are included to support your child in relaxing as well as cultivating a safe place for them to go and just be themselves. The Room Visualization technique is a very powerful relaxation technique that supports your child in having a sense of safety and control in their world. The first three programs include this integral relaxation tool and where the words are all the same throughout the ages, the binarial beats laid underneath are not. It gives each child and teen a reference of a safe place as they experience stress and anxiety through their day.

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We are a giving company…

For each program sold, 2 programs will be gifted through The Happy Human Project to youth programs focusing on mental health, depression and anxiety. We will also give to communities in need by partnering with shelters, schools, after school programs and more to facilitate growth and support for all children. the I AM Technique is committed to the well being of all children worldwide

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I Am Technique

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