The I Am Technique

Teen/Young Adult 16-20

  • Teen/Young Adult 16-20

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    I move forward with confidence and ease, I have everything I need to be a success, I make a difference in the world.

    Product Description

    In the 3rd audio program of the I AM series, we deal directly with negative self talk and limiting belief structures. The pressures of today’s teens and young adults are extreme. The years between 16 and 20 are pivotal in the self esteem and confidence of our youth. This is a time where they face academic testing, social exposures, college applications process and leaving home for the first time. This combined with the non stop exposure to negative media and violent entertainment creates damaged and fear based neural pathways. Left unchecked, this creates anxiety, depression, cortisol/adrenal malfunctions and compromises the subconscious of the growing brain. This audio program directly supports and restores healthy confident neural pathways and strong belief systems.

    Included in Each Program

    2 audio reprograming downloads 1-upbeat for day & 1- ambient for nighttime to relax to. 2 guided meditations to support and create a relaxed state of mind for your child to ease stress, depression and anxiety.

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